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The Allen-Lamun Band review…October 30, 2016…






The Allen-Lamun Band–Dave Allen on vocals, drums, and harp, and “Little Laura” Lamun on vocals–are two more of the many reasons we love being a part of the Nashville Blues Society.  This great duo has just released “Maybe It’s A Good Thing” for Mad Left Music.  The twelve originals feature lots of  harmony singing from both these dynamite players, and they are backed by some of this town’s finest musicians, also.

These cuts are excellent examples of good ole blues-rock and blues with a touch of soul in the vein of Delaney And Bonnie.  Most of ’em deal with the struggles of every day life, especially when it comes to the minefield that is male-female relationships.  Leading off is the story of a couple with serious fidelity issues regarding each other, so much so that “Half Of Me wants to run, and the other half wants to stay!”  Steve Boynton is all over the guitar here, with a blistering solo at the two-minute mark.  Those same lovers perfunctorily declare their “un-love” for each other in one of the more swingin’ affairs on the set, “I Don’t Love My Baby,” with Dave getting in a cool harp break mid-song.  Laura plays the forlorn lover torn between two in “Still Too Soon,” this one featuring our good friend Larry van Loon on keys.  The double-time romp of “Hightailin’ It” details the band heading home after a long time on the road, while Laura’s lilting voice  goes into gospel mode on our favorite, as she urges us all to “change to make things better” and “be a Good News Channel today!”

The Allen-Lamun Band and “Maybe It’s A Good Thing” has been nominated for Album Of The Year in the NIMA’s–the Nashville Industry Music Awards–and our Society is supporting them in the upcoming IBC’s in Memphis.  This set brims with old-school blues and soul,  tight harmonies,  excellent musicianship, and clever songwriting.  Best of luck, guys!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.


“Each year I return from IBC with so many wonderful cds, and it takes me, actually, a few months to hear them all. This particular CD took me by surprise and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you!!!”

~ Terri Robbins, President, National Women in Blues

“Having heard ‘All In The Numbers’ I was looking forward to the latest release ‘Maybe It’s A Good Thing’  – I’ve not been disappointed. Funky. Rocking. Blues. Moody ballad. Foot stompers. This CD has it all. The songs are cleverly written, and the musicianship is superb throughout.
If you’re looking into this band out of idle curiosity, check them out. If you’ve heard the first CD, you’re in for a treat.”
~ Kev ‘Legs’ Walker, Shades Of Blues / The Cat 107.9FM in the United Kingdom


val lupescu VAL LUPESCU, Nashville Guitar Wizard ~ “Cool new record alert! “Maybe It’s a Good Thing” by Allen-Lamun band, featuring my friends Dave Allen and Laura Lamun. Killer blues/funky soul-vibe along with some excellent ‪#‎Nashville‬ musicians. Good variety of tunes and a really uplifting mood; I would say this is a “happy” blues record, while retaining a necessary edge. Catchy guitar parts, interesting mix of tones and lots of cool solos help make this a fun record for us guitar players to enjoy also. Check it out, friends!”

number1 #1  iTunes Blues Chart

“You know my friends you have a great fan in Belgium..  All songs are in the broadcasting database and i will play your music as much as possible …  this is MY  music..  i just love it ..;  and i am sure the listeners on my German Radio are listening with great ears…  this album is sooooo  good for broadcasting … .   11 songs will be played all the time  so much i like them …  thanks a lot ..  i am happy i can play Your music on our radio KC Radio Europe.. and will give your album the Airplay its deserves..  its a pleasure to me.. thanks a lot. well , to be honest , as a valid dj and moderator on an internet radio station, this album is one of the best I got in my hands for already quite a good time…   I feel the love you put in your music,  and i am with you on stage when i listen to this wonderful album …   Thanks for bringing joy and happiness in the hearts of so many !!!   Thank you so much

Pippo – Germaine

On radio :

Btw :  it’s rare that i can play 11 from the 12songs in an album;..     just great!!!”

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Allen LamunBand
Allen-Lamun Band
“Maybe It’s A Good Thing”

By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © January 2016

Since I communicate with Dave Allen and Laura Lamun on a regular basis, they’ve told me many times just how happy they are about having recently relocated to Nashville, TN. Now I’m hearing it through their music. On their second release, “Maybe It’s A Good Thing”, Dave Allen – on lead, background & choir vocals; drums; percussion; and harmonica; and Laura Lamun – on lead, background & choir vocals; joined forces with some of the “Music City’s” finest blues musicians. They are: Jake Hill on piano, strings and Hammond B3 organ; Randy Coleman on bass; and Kenne Kramer on electric guitar. Other special guest musicians include: Steve Boynton and Donnie Miller on electric guitar; Larry van Loon on piano and Hammond B3 organ; Miqui Gutierrez on tenor sax; and Matt Workman on choir vocals. All twelve of the recordings are Dave Allen and Laura Lamun originals.

“Half Of Me” is a perfect way of describing those indecisive moments all of us have experienced in some way or another. It’s about those times when half of you really thinks you want to do something but half of you is also thinking you really shouldn’t do it. Although Dave and Laura never actually figure out which half wins, their indecisiveness sure sounded great. On the other hand, both halves of Jake and Steve know what they want ’cause their tearing it up on the keyboards and guitar.

Some of the disc’s best vocals can be heard right here on the title track – “Maybe It’s A Good Thing”. After hearing the track for the first time I mentioned to Laura how much I loved her sound on it and she replied back with “yeah, I got to stretch it out a bit on that one”. A bit? No! A lot? Yes! Her lead solos, her harmonizing with Dave, her own background vocal support, her range and her very impressive note s…t…r…e…t…c…h…i…n…g…are all absolutely magnificent. Additionally, with Dave, Randy and Jake all over the drums, bass and organ, the rhythm on this one was some of the best as well.

“I Don’t Love My Baby” (she don’t love me too)…..hmmmm, sounds like some couples I know but I’ll not go there. Musically, this one rips. In addition to sharing the vocals, Dave’s killin’ the kit and blowin’ the hell out of a harp, Kenne’s smokin’ the guitar leads and Jake’s wailin’ away on the piano. Excellent track!

“Breath Of Fresh Air” has so much FUNK going on I just felt I needed to enlarge the word. Of course, Dave and Randy are all over the rhythm on the drums and bass, but it’s the horn section that stands out on this one. And by the horn section I mean Miqui leading the way on sax with all the rest of the horn blowin’ actually being provided by Jake’s magnificent Hammond skills.

“I Love You Pretty Baby” is this disc’s track that automatically gets the “Blewzz Approved” stamp. That happens when the song that’s the best slow blues is also the disc’s longest track – thereby doubling my pleasure. You’ve probably already figured it out that the rhythm is right and tight – thanks to Jake’s finesse on organ; Steve’s guitar leads are ever so soft and slow but yet quite stimulating as well; and Dave’s sounding about as soulful as I’ve ever heard the smooth vocals. Very good stuff!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tune into a “Good News Channel”? According to Laura, you can – and knowing her like I do – I know she truly believes that. Just give this spiritually uplifting song a listen and I’m sure that her, and the choir, will have you believing it as well. This beautifully sung, beautifully written and beautifully performed song needs to be heard by all of humanity…..and often.

Now don’t let the use of St. Nick’s nick name in the title of this track trick you into thinking this is a Christmas song. Sure, it will certainly make a great seasonal track but nevertheless, this is a song about someone needing the magic of “Santa All Year”. The big question here – as Dave asks Santa – is “does his sleigh work in the summer”? The very cute and well sung lyrics make this one a fun listen.

Other tracks on “Maybe It’s A Good Thing” include: “Still Too Soon”, “This Ain’t A Game”, “I Don’t Get The Blues”, “I’m A Good Man”, and “Hightailin’ It”.

If you’d like to get to know more about Dave Allen and “Little” Laura Lamun, just go to While you’re there, please tell them that their good friend the Blewzzman sent you. Oh yeah, also tell them I said there’s no “Maybe” involved – “It’s a good thing”!

Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
Blues Editor @
2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient

“This record doesn’t even let you breathe – it is balls-to-the-wall the whole time!”

~Andy Scheinman, guitarist Eight O’Five Jive

“I really liked your material, really like the groove on “I Don’t Love My Mama” – but “Breath Of Fresh Air” blew me away. Lots of great songs, they just kept coming!”

~Jim Loyd, Jim Loyd Mastering


What people said about the first record from the

Allen-Lamun Band:

All In The Numbers” 


LA HORA DEL BLUES“A right and proper recording Allen-Lamun Band gives us with “All In The Numbers” cd. Tidy blues with soul nuances and well laid arrangements in spite of its simplicity. The sound is bright, festive, colourful and showy, with no complicated and technical effects, performed on a fluent, spontaneous cool way that listeners will really appreciate, as it is a real treasure for your ears. The band singer becomes the best element to bright up the whole recording, because she sings with a powerful voice and terrific dynamism. Twelve songs, mostly own ones, but they also include versions coming from Memphis Slim, Delbert McClinton or Dinah Washington. Dave Allen plays harmonica, drums, percussion, guitar and also sings some tunes with Laura Lamun, the band lead singer. Besides them you will also find Willie Samuelson bass, Steve Boyten guitars, Paul Potyen, Hammond B-3 and Kenyon Brenner tenor sax. This is an album you will enjoy with great pleasure and total satisfaction. VERY GOOD.”  ~ Vicente Zumel, Barcelona, SPAIN 


Thanks for sending your CD to me. I certainly will feature tracks from it on my programme, starting with Delta Blues (funky sound) and Long John (delightfully saucy). Your blues has a fresh sound with plenty of references to the tradition. It’s great to listen to! Explaining how to pronounce the band name, helps too!”  (Al-len-LAY-mun as in “layman’s terms”) ~ Tony Storey     Blues at the Table  Capetown, SOUTH AFRICA

 ” I hear a lot of Delaney & Bonnie in your sound. The record is really well played – great musicianship.”

~ Marc Applegate, KUNC Denver, CO

“I love these guys to bits! They are kind of soul-y and funky, really cool.” ~ Kevin Beale, UK, Blues On The Marsh, England

“Wow. Your CD is a cornucopia of magical gifts.” ~ Lee Cook

Delta Dream – a great track from a great album.”  ~ Gary Grainger, UK, Blues Shows 242, 244


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Allen-Lamun Band
Allen-Lamun Band
“All In The Numbers”

By Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro © April 2014


Although the namesakes are both long time veterans of the music scene, “All In The Numbers” is the duo’s debut CD. The team of Allen and Lamun are Dave Allen on vocals, harmonica, guitars, drums & percussion and Laura Lamun on vocals. The rest of the band consists of: Willie Samuelson on a whole lot of basses; Steve Boynton on electric guitars; Paul Potyen on Hammond B-3; and Kenyon Brenner a.k.a The KB Horns on tenor sax. The disc contains twelve tracks of which eight are band originals.

“All In The Numbers” opens with an original track called “Delta Dream” and it’s sort of an updated version of the classic “Crossroads Blues”. Basically, Dave and Laura want to head down to the Delta where they hope to meet Riley B. King, play a little place in Clarksdale, get themselves a mojo hand and bury the devil alive in the blues. It seems that doing those things will earn them their bluesman’s shoes. From what I’m hearing, they’re already wearing those shoes and they sound like a perfect fit. Fun and well sung lyrics, good harp leads and B3 led rhythm all highlight this one.

“Never Know Blues” is this disc’s track where everyone is on top of their game. On this smoker Laura’s vocals are her most dynamic, Dave, Willie and Paul are rockin’ the rhythm on drums, bass and the Hammond organ and Steve’s tearing it up on lead guitar. Good one.

“Too Blue Not to Come Back Home” is the kind of stuff I can listen to all night long. It’s an old style jazzy blues ballad that by just closing your eyes can cause you to transcend to an intimate little club with a crammed dance floor where other than hearing the band you’d actually hear a pin drop. Oh man, I wanna go right now. Soft steady rhythm led by Paul on the B3, very steamy sax leads by Kenyon and compelling vocals by Laura all make this one of the disc’s best tracks.

Being a huge fan of Dinah Washington, and other good female vocalists in general, I’ve always enjoyed just about any rendition I’ve ever heard of “Long John Blues.” This time it’s Laura Lamun and she’s nailing it. With it’s risque lyrics the song’s best sung in a sassy and sultry way and from the sound of it, Laura’s obviously enjoyed her visits to the dentist. Soothing and relaxed rhythm provide the perfect background and a few well placed guitar leads by Steve add some extra heat.

“Living with that woman feels like I’m riding on a “Tiltawhirl.” Well said Dave, excluding me (because my wife reads these reviews), I’m sure there are many men out there who can relate to that statement. This one’s pretty much all Dave Allen. With Willie giving him some bottom and Laura backing up his vocals, he’s your basic one man band singin’, strummin’, drummin’ and blowin’ harp and doing a damn good job on ’em all.

Closing out the disc is a jamming version of a very familiar song – “Every Day I Have The Blues.” This one’s short and sweet. At just over two minutes it may be short in length, but with everyone wailing away it sure sounds sweet.

Other tracks on “All In The Numbers” include: “Gasoline & Matches,” “All In The Numbers,” “World’s Getting Closer To Home,” “Conversation Song,” “Better Off With The Blues,” and “Everyday Funk.”

To get to know more about the Allen-Lamun Band, hear the songs and maybe even buy the disc just go to As usual, please tell them the Blewzzman sent you.

Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro
Blues Editor @
2011 Keeping The Blues Alive Award Recipient